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  • Everyone is using these plastic Sno-Slips and Foot Pads on their race sleds, whether in Sno-X or Cross-Country.
  • Designed to enhance the ergonomics of your vehicle and allow you to have a better feel of the sled, especially when you are in the air!
  • Available in a variety of colors to match your style.
  • An excellent addition to your stock trail sled also! You will not believe the control that can be achieved.
Order # Item List
9178-GR Sno-Slips - GREEN  $39.00 $19.95
9178-BK Sno-Slips - BLACK $39.00 $19.95
9178-PU Sno-Slips - PURPLE $39.00 $19.95
9178-OR Sno-Slips - ORANGE $39.00 $19.95
9164-GR Foot Pads - GREEN $35.00 $19.95
9164-BK Foot Pads - BLACK $35.00 $19.95
9164-PU Foot Pads - PURPLE $35.00 $19.95


Raider Saddle Bags

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